Gerry Weber
Law Offices
The Weber Law Firm's current docket includes:

NBA All-Star victim of race discrimination at restaurant
(for more information on this case see the following pdfs);

A group of physicians and medical ethics experts challenging physician participation in executions;

A union and its members arrested while picketing at the Center for Disease Control;

An ethics watchdog seeking to unseal the divorce papers of the Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives;

Citizens and a non-profit challenging Georgia's funeral protest law that criminalizes speech near funerals even if not directed to disrupt them;

A national magazine barred from a local county jail;

Protesters targeted for undercover surveillance by homeland security;

A family targeted for racial profiling at a major national pet store;

A citizen for computer invasion of privacy by a local television station;

A teacher harassed and defamed by the father of one of her students;

A Georgia non-profit suing the State of California Regents for attempting to censor its webpage;

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